We have several choices when it comes to color. The chart below shows the variety of color available for your concrete curbing, allowing us to match your existing landscape and home.

Your curbing can be stamped in the pattern you choose. There are patterns to mimic more traditional products like brick and granite but at a lower cost. For a more unique look there are more contemporary designs like shaded diamond and Ashlar. With Curb Pro's custom curbing you decide what color and pattern works best for your landscape.

We have Random Rock, Granite Texture, Italian Tile with Granite Texture, Shaded Diamond, Single Brick Impression, Paver with Granite Texture, Basket Weave, Ashlar, Reverse Basketweave, Spanish Texture, Double Basket Weave, and Slate Texture.

IMPORTANT: Actual colors may vary from the chart below.

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"Mac and his crew did a fine professional job on my driveway and lanai. Very fast, done in 2 days. I would recommend!"
- Carlene B.
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